What Are The Benefits of Wearing a Back Brace?

Clavicle Support and Back Pain Relief

Chronic back pain is often the result of long-term, improper posture or overstrains on muscles that are not accustomed to the strain being applied. Sometimes vertebral discs can be damaged or compressed as a result of an accident or fall.

Spine and back braces provide immediate relief from back pain, allowing you to carry on regular activities. For disk compression or back injuries, a back brace can provide the long-term support necessary for proper healing, and a quick return to regular activities. Sometimes spinal support may be helpful during post-operative healing as it will reduce pressure on the spinal column, add stability, and limit movement.

Clavicle Supports

Clavicle support can be worn to correct posture. Clavicle support is designed to hold your shoulders back in a manner that keeps your upper back and spine straight. This can help to correct kyphosis, a curvature of the spine which causes the upper back to appear more rounded than normal.

Back Braces

Often, as a result of injury or a weakened spinal condition, back strength is limited. A back brace can add stability to the spinal column. By applying gentle pressure to the torso, a back brace will shift weight off of the spinal column and help to adjust posture. Maintaining the torso in a safe, supportive posture will allow the wearer to carry on regular activities, and will assist in the quick healing of injuries and help prevent additional injuries.

Rigid and Flexible Back Support Posture Corrector

Generally, back braces are categorized as rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible.

Rigid lumbar braces tend to be used for more severe cases of pain or instability, such as assisting in rehabilitation after a spinal injury, or after back surgery. Rigid braces consist of a sturdy layer of flexible material that wraps around the torso. The flexible material also encloses rigid panels that give the brace support. The rigid panels are typically made of hard molded plastic.

Semi-rigid lumbar braces are used for more mild or moderate pain. Instability and pain from spinal osteoarthritis may be reduced with the use of a semi-rigid back brace, by reducing pressure on the spine. Semi-rigid braces may include additional padding or molded plastic inserts for some additional support and stability.

Flexible lumbar supports can effectively support and maintain the lower back in the right position. Comfortable and breathable materials reduce swelter while wearing

Kao Chen efforts on Clavicle Support and Back Braces

Kao Chen clavicle support and back braces are designed to be comfortable and unnoticeable when worn under clothes. Working with a variety of construction materials and methods, such as aluminum frame panels, soft pectoral pads, plastic back, and abdomen inserts, breathable adjustable elastic strap material, Velcro closure, and figure-8 contour design, we can assure the right fit and proper support to maintain correct posture. We welcome you to contact us for any of your clavicle support and back braces needs. We specialize in OEM and ODM medical back braces and look forward to working with you.