Exhibition:EGY MEDICA 2020

Date:2 - 4 April 2020

Location:Cairo International Convention Centre, Cairo, Egypt

Main Product: Cervical Collars , Clavicular Supports , Spine Brace , Shoulder Supports , Arm Slings , Elbow Support and main leaders in the production of orthopedic and rehabilitation supports in Taiwan.

Exhibition introduction:Kao Chen Enterprise have been continuously dedicating our expertise in the development of innovative products to fulfill the diverse needs of the orthopedic braces market.The Main gate for all medical clavicular supports in Egypt and all Africa Egymedica is the biggest and oldest exhibition and confrence in Egypt and all Africa, that has the biggest number of visitors and the biggest deals in medical field.Egymedica is the place for all concerned people and distributor companies to gain agents for new products.Kao Chen invite you to visit our website or event EGYMEDICA from 2- 4 April 2020 Cairo – Egypt. The surprise of the 19th session of EGYMEDICA Egy Medica has dedicated a showroom for all Egyptian medical industries (Made in Egypt) Participation fees are supported by EgyMedica And that:To open up new export horizons Providing hard currency through exportThe exhibition will hold special invitations to all those interested in the medical field from Africa and all over the World.