Kao Chen Enterprise Co., Ltd., originally named Wenpin Enterprise Co., Ltd., was established in 1979. Before the name changed, we mainly assembled and sewed simple sport-related products; and then transformed the type of the product and gradually tried to produce more complicated sport supports and braces after the company's name changed to Kao Chen Enterprise Co., Ltd in 1997. After 2000, due to the market change, we made a transformation of product type again from sport-related to medical-related orthopedic brace and support. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Kao Chen increased the production line of medical masks.

In 2004, we were accredited with ISO9001 certification & completed FDA registration. We were also accredited with ISO13485 certification in 2010. Besides, we obtained “D&B D-U-N-S®” certification in 2020.

In the beginning, Kao Chen only offered OEM services to clients. Then, started to develop and improve the products, which means we have not only produced but also design products for our clients (ODM). In the meanwhile, we also created and developed our own brand (OBM) in 2001.

Our R&D department has devoted itself to cooperating with experts in the rehabilitation and orthopedics field, such as university professors, Physiotherapists, and research institutes, to apply related expertise and skills to improve the products and make our orthopedic brace and support products more professional and meet customers needs.

Kao Chen always cares about your health and also tries to solve mobility problems and provide a quality life.

  • 1979

    Wenpin Enterprise Co., Ltd. established

  • 1995

    Wenpin Sewing Machine Factory established

  • 1997

    Relocated & Name changed – Kao Chen Enterprise Co., Ltd

  • 2001

    “SoftGuards” logo trademark registered

  • 2002

    R&D department established

    Work process began to be digitized

  • 2003

    Introduced computerized sewing machine

  • 2004

    ISO9001 accredited & FDA registered

  • 2005

    Introduced precision computerized sewing machine

    Preliminary introduction of ERP system

  • 2006

    Introduced ultrasonic machine

  • 2010

    ISO13485 accredited

  • 2014

    Comprehensive implementation of ERP system (Digiwin)

  • 2017

    Accredited patent of Thumb and Wrist splint (Patent no. US D801541)

  • 2019

    Accredited patent of Open Laces Lumbar Support (Patent no. US10292855)

    Accredited patent of Lattice-design gel pads (Patent no. US10434001)

    Accredited patent of Immobilizer Support Collar (Patent no. US10463524)

    Second factory builded

  • 2020

    Accredited patent of Tennis Elbow Support (Patent no. US10576015)

    Accredited patent of Reel Device (Patent no. US10633218)

    D&B D-U-N-S® Certified

    Increased production line of medical mask

  • 2021

    US patent application of Adjustable Spinal Brace / Adjustable Spinal Brace is processing

    New logo trademark registered

  • 2022

    Green energy application (Planning to install solar panels)

After Kao Chen accepted Dun & Bradstreet's information collection and review, he was awarded the Dun & Bradstreet Global Code®, which was archived in the Dun & Bradstreet Global Enterprise Database, and the authoritatively certified Dun & Bradstreet Enterprise Certification™ electronic seal was installed. Under the globalization of economic transactions, Dun & Bradstreet Enterprise Certification™ is a common standard that global enterprises rely on, which can greatly increase your trust in Kao Chen itself.