Knee Injuries, Knee Care, and Staying in the Game

Maintaining an active healthy lifestyle can be both enjoyable and challenging. Activity and exercise are important to maintain strength and endurance to enjoy the activities we love. But what happens if we exercise too much, or have an accident resulting in some sort of physical injury. What do we do then?

Some of the most common injuries resulting from sports activities are knee injuries. Knee injuries from automobile or work-related accidents are also not uncommon. To prevent these types of knee injuries, and to help for a speedy recovery when accidents do happen, a knee brace is often helpful or even necessary.

What is a Prophylactic Knee Brace and How Can It Help With?

Prophylactic knee braces are for preventing knee injuries. Most knee injuries result from sports activities such as sprains or impacts. Prophylactic knee braces are commonly worn by athletes in contact sports, like football, where there is a danger of twisting the knee or being hit from the side.

Injuries can also result from overuse of muscles or joints when you are not accustomed to a new type of activity. If you will be engaging in a strenuous activity that you are not accustomed to, such as hiking or running, it may be good to use a knee brace in advance to provide extra support.

Prophylactic Knee Braces provide varying degrees of support.

Light knee support braces are typically straps or sleeves that add stability, yet still allow your knee to maintain flexibility.

Moderate knee support braces may have some hinges, metal support panels, or straps that restrict some motion around the knee, but still, allow for some mobility. They are typically used after a minor injury to allow for athletic participation.

Total knee support braces immobilize the knee or restrict movement within a set range. They are used after reconstructive surgery to prevent side-to-side forces from affecting the knee. They have metal panels, hinges, and strapping which can be adjusted to varying degrees of mobility as the knee heals.

What is a Functional Rehabilitative Knee Braces and How Can It Help With?

While prophylactic knee braces are used to prevent injuries, functional knee braces are used after an injury has already occurred. They are used to add stability to the knee after an injury or knee surgery.

Rehabilitative knee braces are usually hinged braces that exert leverage on different parts of the leg to limit the knee's range of movements and stabilize the joint. They can maintain the alignment of the knee joint during flexing and extending and can prevent hyperextension.

Some rehabilitative knee braces work by transferring some of the pressure from one side of the knee to another side, or from the knee to the femur. These types of braces are often referred to as unloader/offloader knee braces.

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