What Can a Neck Collar be Used for?
Neck Collar Brace Can Best Relief for Neck Pain and Injuries

For anyone who has sustained some sort of trauma to the neck, such as whiplash from a car accident or injury from a fall or sports impact injury, a medical neck collar will provide protection and support to the neck during recovery and prevent further injury.

After neck surgery, a neck collar brace will help to promote post-operative recovery and further prevent injury by limiting rotation and side-to-side movements of the neck and head.

An age-related condition called cervical spondylosis is caused by osteoarthritis or dehydration and shrinkage of bones in the neck. This can result in bone spurs or pressure on nerves in the neck. A neck collar can bring temporary relief from pain caused by cervical spondylosis.

For general neck pain or stiffness, a medical neck collar can help relieve some of the strain on neck muscles. Proper care and management of head and neck movement with a properly fitted neck collar will go a long way in promoting a quick recovery.

What Are the Types of Neck Collars?

Neck Collars, also known as cervical collars, neck braces, or C collars, come in soft and hard varieties. The choice of a hard or soft collar will depend on the type of neck injury or underlying cause of pain.

Soft Neck Collars

Soft collars are usually made of soft foam padding with a flexible cloth material that can be adjusted for the amount of support desired. They usually allow for some forward and backward movement, while limiting side-to-side movement.

Generally, soft collars are used for moderate neck pain and for use during the rehabilitation of whiplash and neck sprains, and to provide support for chronic neck pain. They do not provide the rigid support needed to help manage more serious neck injuries.

Rigid Neck Collars

Rigid collars are usually made of a plastic shell over a padded foam core. The plastic shell restricts nearly all side-to-side movement and head rotation, allowing for proper recovery from surgery, severe neck pain, spinal fractures, or trauma injuries. They often have chin support to allow for relaxation of the neck muscles.

Posture and Activity When Wearing a Neck Collar

A cervical collar will assist you in maintaining good posture during rehabilitation. By wearing a neck brace, you will be able to maintain gentle movements, like walking and other moderate activities, which will help prevent neck muscles from becoming stiff. Your doctor will be able to assist you in deciding what activities and care are best suitable to help speed up recovery.

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