Wrist Injury Symptoms

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a wrist injury caused by repetitive wrist movements, such as computer workers, performance workers, and athletes that often require wrist movements.

The early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are numbness and pain. In the mid-term, there will be disturbances in finger movement (such as difficulty buttoning buttons, inability to hold a cup), numbness in the wrist, and pain symptoms that radiate to the elbow and even the shoulder. Later, sensory loss, muscle atrophy at the base of the thumb, and limited hand function.

Relief for Wrist Pain and Injuries

While the wrist is sprained or strained, to relieve the pain and avoid second-degree injuries, the hand support brace can effectively support and immobilize the injured part. Hand Braces with aluminum stay have great immobilization for the hand after post-operative care and proper support also avoids unnecessary movement of the hands. Wrist support with an adjustable strap is easy to operate, and the user can wear it and adjust tightness easily. The elastic wrist support has a great protective function while doing exercise.

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